• The Drone Delivery Platform

  • Raven Delivers. Via Drones.

    Get Ready for Delivery 21st Century Style

    Raven is a drone delivery platform that enables heavy lift drones to fly and deliver packages autonomously. Flying beer to a golfer? Shuttling medicine to a disaster site? We're working on it!

  • Introducing Raven Ordering

    On-demand ordering at participating golf courses.


  • Golfer Friendly, Golf Course Friendly

    Raven Ordering is a suite of apps: the main Raven Ordering apps that golfers can download from the App Store and Raven Kitchen which golf courses use to manage orders. 

    No More Waiting

    Raven Ordering optimizes the food and beverage cart and clubhouse kitchen to respond to and fulfill orders coming in from golfers. That means less time wasted and happier golfers.

    Safe and Subtle Drone Delivery

    Our drones will be a delivery option* with Raven Ordering to enable you to quickly order a beer or a snack, and get back to your time on the green.


    * Pending regulatory approval and rigorous internal testing.

  • Fast, Fun, Food

    Order with ease and pick where to get your order on your participating golf course.

    Delivery Drones

    Raven drones will stay out your way as you play golf. They are being designed as a convenience, not a distraction. Need more golf balls or extra tees? We'll fly you some. Soon.

  • Interested in Raven Ordering for your Golf Course?

    Get in Touch With Us.